More of Him

More of Him

The more of him in your life the better your life becomes

2peter 1:1-8

Any work you are doing the more knowledge you acquire the better result you experience.

Every knowledge seeker ends up great.  Talking about the knowledge of God.


Keys to be blessed & be a blessing to others

Genesis 12:1-5, 17:1-

  1. Be born again – 2 cor 5:17-21
  2. Live holy. PS 1:1-2
  3. Have faith in God. Mk 11:22-24, Heb 11:1
  4. Be a man of Sacrifice. Lk 6:38, 2cor 8:9, 9:8, Prov 11:24-25,
  5. Love
  6. Be a Soul Winner



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