Proverbs4:7, Luke2:52

Wisdom is the application of the truth. It is not enough to know the truth is the application that matters.John8:32 Anyone that lacks wisdom will fail, “MAYYOUNOTFAILINLIFE”

whatisthemeaningofPrincipalaccordingtoProverbs4:7it means major, Essential Even at the beginning the Bible says God posses Wisdom. If you lack wisdom you will be poor, limited, stranded, operates low, stagnated. AreastoapplyWisdom

1.Spiritual life

2. Relationship life


4.Marital life


6. Christian journey-you don’t give what you don’t have.


8.Day to day activities A foolish person is a waster, stubborn

The wise will inherit glory while the fool will inherit shame The wise will live in abundance while the foolish will live in penury/scarcity. The wise shall be exalted/extol.Isaiah52:13.

The wise will be multiplied, live righteously, prosperous Proverbs11:24-25

The wise will become a voice and livelong

The wise will live in peace.Psalms37:37

Labour without Wisdom equals to Stress,Limited result Proverbs14:1&16,12:8,13:1,8:1,9:1,Isaiah52:13

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