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While on a retreat early 1994, the Lord showed me a revelation of a multitude of people crying, tears flowing From their cheeks, Some are in chains, some in pains, distress, held down in captivity and I heard a voice, these are the people I have sent you to and immediately I heard them crying and shouting who will save us, who will deliver us, then I felt the outpouring spirit of God upon my life and I shouted here I am, then I woke up. Like a fellowship the ministries started with about 7people – 3adults including the pastor and four school pupils (IMG) after a while we were sent out by the school authority and then we moved to a private school (El-Shamah) there we experience growth and the blessings of God and from there we bought our headquarter land, build a cathedral (Shiloh Cathedral) and later by the help of God we bought Acres of land for a camp purposes and prophetically called CITY OF LIGHT. We believe that our best is yet to come, Garden of Resurrection Int’l Church is based in Ibadan with her headquarters at Shiloh Cathedral, Plot 1 Adeyemo layout, Molete Ibadan. We are a church of God with Global mindset, To the glory of God we have some branches in IBADAN and we are still planting of having more we have the academical arms – Life Academy Int’l School Training arm – Bible Schools Ministers fellowship- Dove Ministers Fellowship Rev. (Dr.) James Akinsoji is the presiding pastor is Garden of Resurrection Int’l Church. A trainer of men whose vision is to build an army of vibrant, purposeful and valiant Saints. He oversees Bible training schools: School of Vision, school of faith, School of Success and International Bible College of Ministries. He organises monthly Ministers Fellowship called Dove Ministers Fellowship. A trained educational guidance and counselor turned Preacher. He is the Proprietor of Life Academy Int’l School, the educational arm of the Ministries. James Akinsoji is happily married and blessed with children. He is an Author of several Life Changing Books which will definitely be a blessing.



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Digging Deep into the Word (Bible Studies) | 6pm


Hour of God's Touch (Fasting & Prayer) | 6pm


Counseling Time - Day


* In the Holy Bible – Genesis to Revelation.
* Trinity – God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit
* Prophecy of Jesus Birth, Ministry, Death – Cross of Calvary, Resurrection
* Holy matrimony – One husband, one wife
* Hoiliness – Hebrew 12:14
* Miracles
* Rapture – The second coming of Jesus Christ
* Soul winning – Act 1:8
* Signs & Wonders – Mark 16:15
* Baptism – Water baptism & Holy Ghost baptism
* In speaking of New Tongues



Building an army of Vibrant, purposeful and Valiant Saint

* Anointing – The use of Oil
* Global impact – Matthew 28:18-20
* Prosperity – Haggi 2:8
* Fruit of the Spirit – Gal 5:19-23
* Christian Virtues: Loyalty, Wisdom Proverbs 4:7, Submissive Pro 15:33, Grace 1 Corinthians 15:10
* Body of Christ
* 5 fold ministry – Eph 4:11-12
* Blessings – Genesis 1:26-28
* Authority
* Divine healing
* Prayer
* Holy communion



Changing and Impacting Lives.